Contracting & Construction

We offer a full spectrum of contracting services, built on the principles of innovation, integrity, quality and value. Regardless of the nature of the project, our team can deliver streamlined services catered for specific requirements. We believe that a successful project is defined by a sustainable design that meets the objectives set forth by the client, an attractive/functional outcome, and a team of experts dedicated to overlook its safe completion.

Hard Facilities & Maintenance

Construction Facilities

A building facility, regardless of its’ nature, must be safe, comfortable and functional. We work with a network of suppliers that offer facility solutions such as, and not limited to:

  • Power Supply
  • Drainage
  • Lifts & Escalators
  • Building Ventilation
  • Alarm System
  • Plumbing System
  • Fire Protection & Safety

Pre-construction Services

Temporary Buildings and Labor Camps

This is the initial phase of any project, when the practical aspects of the client’s vision become more closely analyzed. At this point, our team will develop a detailed plan, with special focus on:

  • Cost Estimation
  • Project Scheduling
  • Design Decision Making
  • Construction Materials & Handling
  • Permits & Licenses

With all these installations, our guiding principle is planned & preventive maintenance, to ensure proper functionality and reduce the rate of deterioration. We examine, inspect, test and adjust our installations, in order to prevent failures and optimize the performance life

Design & Build

With this solution, the design team and the contracting teamwork hand in hand from the get-go, minimizing risks and interlinking all aspects clearly and efficiently. This allows us to ensure quality in terms of complexity, design and feasibility, without any sudden and time-consuming conflicts, boosting coordination and teamwork.

Construction Project Management

We offer full-fledged construction management, which we can break down to:


All collaborators come on board to discuss essentials such as determining needs according to design, finalizing timeframes, identifying resources and finding the right subcontractors and taking care of all contractual agreements.


Our focus shifts to site safety, quality assurance, cost accounting, project documentation, monitoring, and coordinating.


Proper Handover and Commissioning.

Procurement Services

Construction Material, Mechanical, Building And Electrical Supply

One major area that we are proud to serve our clients with and to take care of is the supply of construction materials and equipment at the best possible prices and delivery period. We provide the highest quality of procurement services with a very special personal touch. We serve local and international contractors and manufacturers, who always seek better solutions and products in their own industries with prices that meet their contracts budget.

Our services will help you keep your prices competitive and help you improve your labor productivity. We always make sure to supply on time and on budget. We provide turnkey procurement services that exceeds all expectations for all types of construction services, being governmental, military or private sector.

Our company’s supply and procurement chain include but not limited to:

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