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Dust Control & Suppression

GRT Wet-Loc:

Non-drying and non-setting, synthetic fluid designed to adsorb into soil particles preventing them from becoming airborne. GRT Wet-Loc is a long-lasting, totally waterless application that is ideally suited to underground mining roads, areas of heavy damaging traffic such as tracked machinery routes, and race tracks (speedways and even horse and camel tracks).

GRT Haul-Loc:

Ultra-concentrate that uses GRT’s LCP technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water cart operations by up to 500%. Save water, eliminate dust, and improve safety on your haul roads.

Soil Stabilization & Civil Construction

GRT 7000:

Polymer Seal (Environmental) A specially formulated liquid polymer, GRT7000 is a key solution that dries clear, and is environmentally friendly. Engineered for use in civil construction, it can act as a clear polymer sealant as well as a high performing stabilization agent.

GRT 9000:

Polymer Soil Stabilization GRT’s most advanced polymer soil stabilization product, GRT9000 was developed, for use in the construction of high-quality and cost-effective pavement applications.


Polymer Cement Modifier (PCM) Cracking of cemented gravels used in road construction have historically limited their use to specific applications; whereas if the cracking can be reduced or eliminated, their use could be extended to a much wider range of applications.

Erosion & Sediment Control

Enviro Binder:

GRT: Enviro Binder is a unique erosion control product proven to outperform in any application and provide immediate, long lasting results.

Military Applications

Military Grade Polymer:
Runways, Military Camps, Temporary Roads and Accesses. It is a tough durable, all purpose polymer soil binder and sealant that achieves a stable layer of clear, bonded material resistant to wind erosion, rain impact, pedestrians, and traffic.

Combat & Natural Disaster Zone Dust Control:
When buildings and other infrastructure are damaged because of combat or demolished due to natural disasters, many hazardous dusts can be released into the environment. This is a significant health hazard for the civilian population as well as military personnel deployed for combat or humanitarian reasons.

Rapid Deployment Dust Control:
Depending on the natural environments military operations are set in, the presence of water – either too much or not enough creates – critical issues for aircraft, built infrastructure, logistics and equipment management.

Rural – Farms & Property Management

Soil-Loc (RURAL):

Broad-acre Cropping Land Protection Protect The Earth – Save Your Topsoil

GRT Soil-Loc is a cost effective, broad-acre wind erosion technology designed to protect cropping lands when they are most vulnerable. High seasonal winds or storm events can remove as much as 50-100mm of valuable topsoil from cropping and agricultural lands. This top layer of soil is also the layer that contains valuable seed, fertilisers and herbicides.


Broad-Scale Dust Suppression Designed to Stop Broad-Scale Wind Erosion

GRT Soil-Loc is a cost effective, broad-scale wind erosion technology designed to protect sensitive exposed surfaces. High seasonal winds or storm events can remove as much as 50-100mm of materials from exposed surfaces causing land degradation and transportation of unwanted dust and contaminants.

Oil & Gas Applications

The GRT Effect!

Used by the world’s largest resources companies, large-scale oil and gas operations trust GRT to make their jobs easier. Our expert team work with clients to Eliminate Fugitive Dust, Create and Maintain Roads, Hardstands, Drill and Well Pads, Helipads, Access Roads, Temporary Roads, Oil Pits hardstands and surrounding areas, Erosion and Sediment Control, Parking Lots, Industrial Areas Roads and Surroundings, Farm Tanks Areas, Pipeline Protection and Coverings and much more.

Ease in Operations:

GRT’s environmentally friendly soil stabilization and dust control solutions assist oil and gas companies to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum environmental impact. There are a wide range of oil and gas applications that GRT products offer.

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GRT Products

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